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New Incore Teleflex Lubricator
If Teleflex cables used in nuclear detection systems are not appropriately lubricated, they deteriorate, block due to excessive friction and have a reduced useful life.

To solve this problem, New Incore has developed the NI TELEFLEX LUBRICATOR, a small, portable automated machine for lubricating Teleflex cables by continuous injection of Neolube on the cable. This provides efficient and uniform lubrication with minimum consumption of Neolube and ability to recover excess Neolube at the end of its use.

The machine is simple and quick to install, requiring only a single operator for installation and use. This reduces the time and number of staff in the operating zone and so reduces contamination and radiation of staff.

NI TELEFLEX LUBRICATOR is also very easy to use. It is operated by an intuitive visual touch screen connected via the Ethernet system to the machine control unit. The staff responsible for operating it can do so at a distance without risk of contamination or radiation.

The design put particular emphasis on simple disassembly and fast cleaning and decontamination of its components after use for subsequent storage.

NI Ready to Use solutions:

A single reference for making your order.

- User guide.
- Disassembly procedure.
- Plans.

Verification and testing:
- Electrical circuits.
- Mechanical components.
- Software.
- Operation and material stress.

Manufacture assembly and engineering:
Design, manufacture and assembly:
New Incore S.L
Director of Projects and Manufacture:
Mr Christian Berger.

Marketing Department - After Sales Service:
-Tel:     +34  977 811 229

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