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NI Comprehensive Teleflex Solution
NI Integral Solution Teleflex
This is a comprehensive and definitive solution developed by New Incore for cleaning and lubricating Teleflex cables, available in a single pack including our exclusive NI Brushing and NI Teleflex Lubricator machines, at a very competitive price.

NI BRUSHING MACHINE is a small, portable automated machine, designed and manufactured by New Incore for cleaning Teleflex cables, particularly suitable in structure and design for use in type L and U nuclear plants.

NI TELEFLEX LUBRICATOR is a small, portable automated machine for lubricating Teleflex cables by continuous injection of Neolube on the cable. This provides efficient and uniform lubrication with minimum consumption of Neolube and ability to recover excess Neolube at the end of its use.
Download brochure " NI Solutions for Incore Systems"  in PDF format
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