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NI Cleaning Thimbles Machine
NI Cleaning Thimbles

With extensive experience in the maintenance of nuclear instrumentation systems in various nuclear plants in the world, New Incore has found that over the passage of time, thimbles accumulate dirt particles through friction. These very radioactive particles can block the probe and also increase radiation of all the equipment, leading to a shorter life (codifier, micro-switches, etc.).

To prevent these adverse effects, New Incore has developed their NI CLEANING THIMBLES MACHINE, an automated machine for cleaning thimbles, designed for operation in PWR nuclear plants, both type L and type U.

This is a portable machine that can be easily positioned in front or on the sealing table depending on the type of nuclear plant. It is extremely easy to use and is operated at a distance through a digital touch screen connected via Ethernet to the control panel, substantially reducing the time of operation and significantly reducing contamination and radiation of the staff.

The only operational commands that must be entered on the operator's screen are:
  • Distance.
  • Motor torque.
  • Operating speeds.

The dynamic status of the machine can be viewed through various indicators:
  • Graph of motor torque in real time.
  • Indicator of drive motor operation.
  • Indicator of cleaning machine motor operation.
  • Error indicators for regulators.
  • Error indicator for motor torque.
  • Indicator of vacuum gauge.
  • Indicator for cable insertion.
  • Indicator for cable extraction.
  • Indicator for cable detection.
  • Operating mode (Automatic, Manual)

NI Ready to Use solutions:

A single reference for making your order.

- User guide.
- Disassembly procedure.
- Plans.

Verification and testing:
- Electrical circuits.
- Mechanical components.
- Software.
- Operation and material stress.

Manufacture assembly and engineering:
Design, manufacture and assembly:
New Incore S.L
Director of Projects and Manufacture:
Mr Christian Berger.

Marketing Department - After Sales Service:
-Tel:     +34  977 811 229


The machine connects to the thimble being cleaned via an "ERIN" terminal with a transparent visor and proximity detector to observe the brush every time that a thimble has been cleaned.

Once the screen has been configured, a Teleflex cable with a stainless steel brush at the end is inserted into the thimble to detaches the dirt stuck to the wall. Then this brush is replaced by a nylon brush that is again inserted inside the thimble to complete the removal of the dirt.
NI CLEANING THIMBLES MACHINE includes a cleaning system for Teleflex cables attached to the machine and an aspiration system to absorb dirt from the thimbles.

An automated control system controlled by a vacuum gauge prevents machine operation if the aspiration module is not active.

Download brochure " NI Solutions for Incore Systems"  in PDF format
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