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New Incore Ice Plug for Guide Tubes or Thimbles
NI ICE PLUG enables making an ice plug in a Guide Tube or Thimble with up to 28 kg primary pressure in the following cases:

  • Leak in the high pressure seal.
  • Leak in a Thimble.
  • Other similar situations.

The procedure, very simple to perform, consists of:

Injecting carbon dioxide in liquid state in the tube to be repaired by:
  • Bottle with immersion tube, which must always be kept vertical.
  • Normal bottle, which must always be kept inverted.

An automatically controlled flow of carbon dioxide is introduced into the injector, forming dry ice in the freezing heads at a temperature of -79 ºC, freezing any liquid inside the tube.

The procedure is timed from the opening of the valve, controlling the temperature drop in the multimeter by the thermocouple placed in a head.

In 4:30 minutes, the ice plug is formed at this point, the valve of the bottle is closed and the time restarted.

After 15 minutes, the valve must be opened again for 2:30 minutes to maintain the ice plug. This procedure must be repeated until the end of the repair.

At the end, the heads bust be thawed before being removed as they could break if they are too cold.

The ice plug that forms in the tube is able to withstand a pressure of approximately 500 bar.

New Incore Ice Plug
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New Incore Ice Plug
New Incore Ice Plug
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